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"Trails of the Skinwalker" by Steven Noixium Berrios

Trails of the Skinwalker is an interesting account of a sighting by the author, of what he describes as "a mysterious, undocumented animal not known to Science". Steven Berrios is a California naturalist with a Masters Degree in Science Education from California State University Easy Bay, who has been teaching nature classes for over 35 years. This book is about his experience tracking an animal, which he says is not known to Science, during his time in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The author describes this account as "an adventure and paranormal mystery".

The book showcases photographs taken by Berrios through various stages of his tracking experience, although to us, the images appear to be questionable, we are looking forward to interviewing Mr.Berrios for further clarification.

The text is written in a narrative way, but seems to be unedited, as we found grammar and punctuation errors that stood out to us.

Though it is a paranormal mystery, as the author states, questions remain in our mind, which we look forward to asking Mr.Berrios about.

Trails of the Skinwalker was available and on display at Hidden Gems Literary Emporium, but has since been sold out. If you would like to order your copy, feel free to give us a call at (609)-361-4331.

We love you for reading!

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