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Books & Care Packages for Incarcerated Mothers

We were contacted by a Rutgers University scholar who is working at the Rutgers Institute for Women's Leadership to contribute books towards this wonderful initiative.

Guests will assist in packaging care packages for mothers who are currently incarcerated. Feel free to drop off any donations of menstrual and hygiene products, underwear, socks, and books at our drop-off box at the front entrance of the Paul Robeson Center.

Any authors who would like to donate copies of their book can mail a copy to Hidden Gems Literary Emporium at 55B Morris St. New Brunswick, NJ 08901

The event is free and open to the public.

Special thanks to author, speaker, and success coach, Jamie Watkins, for donating copies of her book "My Peace of Happy: A Self-love Journey to Happiness, Purpose and Lifestyle Success" towards this initiative.

Jamie's message to the moms: "I see you. I see you for you. I don't know what you were incarcerated for. But whatever that was, doesn't have to define who you are from here on. I see YOU. You are worthy. You are enough. You're equipped with gifts that I hope you can impact the world with. I appreciate you."

Thank you to author, speaker, coach, and CEO of Unleashing Your Brilliance, Michelle Jenkins, for donating 4 copies of her book, MOBB in Action (Mothers of Black Boys): Unleashing the Brilliance of Boys of Color.

Thank you to author, Bryan Porter, for donating copies of his book, Warrior for Christ, as well.

We love you for reading!

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