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Malcolm Jenkins Writes a Book---and it's a MUST READ!

Malcolm Jenkins came back home to Piscataway, NJ for the last stop of his book tour for his newly released debut book, What Winners Won't Tell You: Lessons from a Legendary Defender. Thank you to The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation for inviting us to be a part of the finale book signing for this tour!

Check out the recap below!

Malcolm Jenkins is a self proclaimed “forever learner”, retired NFL player, 2x Superbowl champion, and now legendary author with the release of his debut book, “What Winners Won’t Tell You: Lessons from a Legendary Defender”.

"In What Winners Won't Tell You, Jenkins share with readers the insight he's gained from winning and losing alike. One moment, Jenkins is riding high from being the only NFL Player to have Super Bowl victories against Hall of Fame quarterbacks, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady and then he's navigating the harrowing low of a divorce from the mother of his children. In another moment he's advocating for the advances of Black people in America, and then feuding publicly about the direction of this advocacy."

"Providing fans and readers alike with an intimate portrayal of life on and off the field, detailed breakdowns of his greatest moments against the games premiere players, and poignant reflections about what it means to straddle the narrow line between victory and defeat, What Winners Won't Tell Youis the best kept secret for those who want to know what it takes to be a champion."

The Malcom Jenkins Foundation works to "effectuate positive change in the lives of youth, particularly those in underserved communities. The charity provides resources, innovative opportunities, and experiences that will help youth succeed in life and become contributing members of their communities." Learn more about their initatives by visiting their website!

We love you for reading!

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