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"The Black Diamond and the Witch's Curse" by T-POT

“The Black Diamond and the Witch’s Curse” by T-POT is a fantasy novel with an unexpected setting–a college campus! This book would be great for young adult readers who are transitioning out of high school and into college. The book gives the reader a good idea of college life and happenings, all the while adding a fantastical element of mystery to the plot. Readers who enjoy a lot of dialogue will enjoy this book, as the author bulks up this novel with plenty of conversation. T-POT also has an interesting way that he introduces the characters, and we must say, he loves cliff hangers!

We had the opportunity to interview T-POT to talk more about how his grandmother influenced his love for fantasy, how he developed “The Black Diamond and the Witch’s Curse”, and what is next for him in his career.

We love you for reading!


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