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"Mom...Let's Talk" by Jeanne Schaeberle

Written as a compilation of journals containing Jeanne’s innermost thoughts, “Mom…Let’s Talk” is an honest literary work of love. You can feel the range of emotions Jeanne felt as you read through the pages of her book. You can only imagine the pain she endured losing her son, Robert, at such a young age, but the inclusion of Robert’s poetry in the book reminds the reader that his legacy lives on.

We appreciate Jeanne’s openness to share this work with the world, as it contains precious memories, such as family photographs, and portraits of her late son. Jeanne is completely open about the difficult times her family endured, how those times persisted, and how they still cope with Robert’s death to this day.

“Mom…Let’s Talk” is a poetic read, hence the few typos and spacing errors in the book are not jarring. Rather, they make the reader wonder if it was meant to be written that way.

This book is a wonderful read for parents and families, and a consoling read for those who have lost a child.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Jeanne, to learn more about her life experiences as a mother and author, how she deals with grief following her son’s passing, and the deeper meanings behind “Mom…Let’s Talk”. Visit to watch our interview with Jeanne Schaeberle.



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