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"Elijah Broke the Gate" by JC Jackson

Elijah Broke the Gate is a literary work of art. This book lovingly shares the stories of mothers, and fathers, who experience a pain like no other--living with the loss of a child. Jessica sheds a light on a topic that is not often spoken about, though is experienced too often amongst parents in this world.

Jessica Jackson, and the contributing authors, lay their hearts on paper, expressing raw emotions that they have experienced, and still do experience, while contemplating the loss of their children.

Beautifully stitched together, “Elijah Broke the Gate” serves as the foundation for a wonderful production of performance art, one that mothers and fathers who have experienced child loss, would keep in their hearts for years to come.

We highly recommend this book, not only for parents who have experienced child loss, but for those who value performance art and appreciate the raw emotion behind poetic narratives.

We had the opportunity to interview Jessica Jackson, to learn more about her experiences, and her beautiful book, “Elijah Broke the Gate”. Please enjoy!

Come by Hidden Gems Literary Emporium, Monday-Thursday from 10AM to 3PM, or give us a call to have this book shipped to your home! (609)-361-4331

We love you for reading!

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