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"Dream Quest to Lucidobe" by Jeff Bardeau

“Dream Quest to Lucidobe” by Jeff Bardeau is a young adult fantasy story with an imaginative story line, and a main character who enters a world he could have never dreamed of. The story’s overall theme of imagination and exploration creates a whimsical tale for young readers to enjoy, making a great story for parents to read along with their children.

We love the theme of camaraderie in this story, as the main character and his friends use their skills to band together, overcome the odds and take the antagonist head on, who interestingly is not as villainous as it may seem. Similarly to Billy, a young boy who lost his father, the villain is actually misunderstood and in need of love. Hence, compassion, love and understanding are amongst the important themes underlying in “Dream Quest to Lucidobe”.

Jeff does a great job of creating magical lands, and showcasing characters with special abilities, which we are sure will spark young readers’ imagination. Elementary aged readers would be inspired to write their own magical tales after reading “Dream Quest to Lucidobe”.

We had the opportunity to interview Jeff about his imaginative writing style, the production of this book, and his future plans.

Come by Hidden Gems Literary Emporium, your family-owned, non-profit, community bookstore to get your copy, or order it to have it shipped to your home! We love you for reading!


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