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"Whimsical Thoughts" by Carolyn Nield

Lovers of poetry are sure to enjoy “Whimsical Thoughts” by Carolyn Nield. Emotion flows onto the pages, and into the readers’ heart as she writes about a myriad of topics which span nature, love, heartbreak, downfall and triumph. Written in the most whimsical way, this work of art surprises the reader at every turn of the page, switching from topic to topic, just as the mind typically switches from one thought to another.

Some of our personal favorite poems are about nature and animals. Specifically, the poem, “Butterflies” stands out to us. Being animal lovers, we also enjoyed her poems about her cats. The poems about her family are also very enjoyable, making the reader think about their own loved ones as they read. We also appreciate how Carolyn took the time to write poems about mental health, depression, and suicide, topics that may be tough to talk about, though are extremely important to discuss and bring to the forefront.

Being literary scholars, we could not ignore the typos that are present in the book, this being the only reason why we could not give the book 5/5 stars. Even so, the nature of her writing, and the feeling she put behind her words, shines through to the reader immensely.

We had the opportunity to interview Carolyn to talk more about her poetry, the inspirations behind her topics, and her future plans as an author.

Come by Hidden Gems Literary Emporium to get your copy of “Whimsical Thoughts”, or give us a call to have it shipped to your home.

We love you for reading!


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