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We Are the Catalyst! #6000MilesofGiving

The #6000MilesOfGiving tour countdown begins!! Help us build America’s Free Book Bus by #NationalBookmobileDay on April 17th! This summer we want to spread love through literacy by giving away over 1000 free books from New Jersey to California and back! With YOUR HELP we can build and bring America’s free book bus with us—a state of the art book fair-on-wheels!

Let’s collectively work to catalyze a national movement in less than a week! We have an idea that could help bolster our Gofundme Fundraiser for America’s Free Book Mobile and get the story in front of more eyes around the nation!

We want to put personalized copies of “The Catalyst” by Bestselling Author, Jonah Berger, into the hands of hundreds of future changemakers! Our goal is to spread his message of creating change by BEING THE CHANGE! Hidden Gems has personally handed over 50,000 books to people all over New Jersey and the world. This book mobile, a vehicle we call, a book fair on wheels, will expand our reach drastically. Hidden Gems doesn't just dump books on people, we provide an experience designed to connect people with that book.

Help us deliver this message by sponsoring a copy of “The Catalyst” and providing a note to the book's future owner inside the book! Together, we can share hundreds of messages of hope and change with readers across the nation.

How can you help? It is simple as one, two, three…four!

  1. Click the link to our GoFundMe Campaign , go on, click it!

  2. Make a small donation of $15 or more to sponsor a copy of “The Catalyst” for a future reader.

  3. When prompted to leave a note, add the #BeTheCatalyst followed by “YOUR MESSAGE”!

Thank you for your support! We love you for reading!


Kaila Boulware Sykes



Hidden Gems Literary Emporium

"Your family-owned, non-profit, community bookstore!"

As seen on NBC, Today Show, CNN, FOX Business, PIX 11 & More!

Help us build America's Free Book Bus!

Give us a call! (609)-361-4331

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