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"The Red Horse..." by Connie Ordelheide-Anderson

“The Red Horse : War Against God’s Government”, authored by Connie Ordelheide-Anderson, is her reflection on the book of Revelation. Anderson analyzes many biblical symbols and metaphors, connecting them with today’s social, political, and spiritual landscapes. The topic of choice is interesting because biblical symbolism is a vastly complex subject of study. Through her studies, Anderson combines her knowledge with scriptural references to bring forth some intriguing arguments.

The author notes a correlation between the horrific events of September 11th, and the signs of the book of Revelation. Hidden gems can be found through the author’s personal perspective and testimonies of faith, though some scriptural references require more context.

The book’s contents are mostly quotations from scripture and other authors. References assist the reader in making important connections associated with the author’s narrative, yet readers may find themselves hungry for more of the author’s personal insight on the subject at hand. Grammatical and structural errors abound, which can easily be fixed should the author produce a second edition. The book feels like a scriptural poem at times. It is in these moments that the experience is more cerebral and enriching.

For readers looking for a short book with an interesting subject matter rooted in the biblical text, “The Red Horse” is an intriguing book to look into. Readers, regardless of their system of belief, who are unfamiliar with the bible may find themselves having a hard time with the book. While many scriptural quotations are at use, the author frames this work under the pretext that the reader has already studied the bible. This intriguing little book has its gems, yet needs a bit of refining in order for this piece of literature to truly glitter.

We had the opportunity to interview Connie to talk more about her book, and her inspirations for writing it.

We love you for reading!

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