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"The Pieces of Me" by Bobbe Bruckner Voelkel

“The Pieces of Me” is a book of poetry written by the late Bobbe Bruckner Voelkel. This book was lovingly published by her husband, Ronald Voelkel, after Bobbe passed away from Parkinson’s Disease. This beautifully packaged book contains a carefully chosen selection of Bobbe’s poetic collection, and wonderfully illustrates the things Bobbe cared for most– her family, joy, love, strength, and the journey of life.

One poem in particular entitled, “I Dance in the Morning”, brings tears to our eyes every time. It is Bobbe’s words about her experience with Parkinson’s Disease, and how though her journey is rough, she fights every single day to keep joy in her heart, mind, and life.

We encourage lovers of poetry and creative writing to add “The Pieces of Me” by Bobbe Bruckner Voelkel to their collection of literary artworks.

We had the opportunity to interview Bobbe’s husband, Ronald, where we spoke more about Bobbe’s life, the amazing woman she was, and how her legacy lives on through “The Pieces of Me”.

We love you for reading!


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