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"The Kotidor Chronicles" by JW Warner

“The Kotidor Chronicles” by JW Warner is a great read for those who love history, fiction, and strong female leads. This series centers powerful, brave, teenagers, overcoming odds at every page, giving the reader the mind to overcome obstacles in their own lives. History lovers will enjoy the original map drawings, and history lessons, encouraging them to wonder about the story’s relation to actual historical events and lands. Similarly, the character names, which the author imagined himself, resemble Hebrew names and words. Again, history lovers are sure to get a kick out of these correlations that may send them on a deep traverse into research. The “The Kotidor Chronicles” is for young adults, and adults; a series that parents will enjoy reading with their teenage children. It is also a series that would make for a great book report for students. We look forward to more works from JW Warner, and would be interested to see what suspenseful encounters his main characters go on next.

We love you for reading!


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