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"The Growth of a Girl to the Wisdom of a Woman" by Stephanie O. Bell

Stephanie’s book, “The Growth of a Girl to the Wisdom of a Woman” is sure to inspire young and adult women. This beautiful compilation of poetry shares her outlook on love and beauty that will brighten readers’ day, while provoking them to reconsider conventional standards of beauty and love. Stephanie’s love pours onto the pages, and is truly heartfelt, which readers will feel as they flip through this work of literary art.

We encourage readers to use Stephanie’s poetry as a basis of conversation amongst women in their families, friends and communities. Readers may also find themselves being inspired to write their own poetry, and even take some of Stephanie’s words to heart, carrying them through their journey of life.

We had the opportunity to interview Ms.Bell personally, and learn more about her inspirations, and what she hopes readers will take away from her book of poetry.

We love you for reading!

Hidden Gems Literary Emporium

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