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"Muddied Waters" by Theo Clarkson

“Muddied Waters” by Theo Clarkson, is definitely a hidden gem! This riveting, swashbuckling, pirate’s tale may very well be the “Pirates of the Caribbean” of our time!

Theo Clarkson’s book is an absolute page turner. He effortlessly develops the stories of several characters without drawing away from the pace. The pace, we must add, is so alluring, you might just find yourself in the last chapter in your first sitting with this fantastic book!

As avid readers, we appreciate thoughtful chapter titles. Theo’s creativity shines through immediately with chapter titles that entice you to flip throughout its pages. Not to mention, his use of vocabulary is truly delightful and true to the times of the novel’s setting.

“Muddied Waters” has a beautifully designed cover, which truly calls to the eyes–invoking a most powerful proverb. Adult readers with an interest in the action-adventure genre, will find themselves quite pleased with Theo Clarkson’s “Muddied Waters”.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Theo and learning more about his authorship and the inspiration behind the amazing book that is “Muddied Waters”. Visit our website to see what Theo has to say!

“Muddied Waters” is truly a Hidden Gem, and is also on display at our bookstore! Get your copy TODAY!

We love you for reading!

Hidden Gems Literary Emporium


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