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"Magpie's Ruin" by Brian Cox

Get ready for a cool fantasy story! “Magpie’s Ruin” by Brian Cox is a wonderfully written fantasy that keeps you invested in the story from beginning to end. Brian’s imagination runs wild in this story, with characters that pull you in with their interesting story lines and quirky strengths.

Though set in fantasy, this story also has historical references, which we love. Familial kingdoms, alliances, battles and betrayals, surprises, and a few love story lines, fill the pages of “Magpie’s Ruin”. Brian does a wonderful job bringing his characters to life, our favorites being the female lead, Kai, and a member of her team, Shadow. All the characters have unique skills and abilities that help this group in their fight to keep the world from being overrun by what Brian calls, the undead.

The story, especially the ending, comes with surprises that we were definitely not expecting. Brian effortlessly makes the reader wonder what the next phase of this story would be. “Magpie’s Ruin” is Brian’s debut novel, and an extraordinary literary work to introduce his authorship to the world.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Brian to learn more about his inspiration behind “Magpie’s Ruin”, his amazing sense of imagination, and how he came to write this book.

Come by Hidden Gems Literary Emporium, your family-owned, non-profit, community bookstore, to get your copy, or order it to be shipped to your home.

We love you for reading!


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