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"Loving Me ABCs" by Kiara Gaton

“Loving Me ABCs” by Kiara Gaton is one of the most important books for a child to have on his or her bookshelf! This beautifully illustrated children’s book holds positive statements within its pages, that can drastically increase a child’s self esteem, at a very early age. Not only will children learn the alphabet, they will also learn higher level vocabulary words, that would be impressive for toddlers to utilize in their everyday conversations.

Kiara Gaton did a beautiful job combining foundational learning, with lifelong learning, in the beautiful gem that is “Loving Me ABCs”.

We are happy to have this book available here at Hidden Gems Literary Emporium, your family-owed, non-profit, community bookstore!

We also had the opportunity to interview Kiara, and learn more about the inspiration behind her book, her writing and illustration process, as well as what she personally hopes young girls and boys will take away from this book.

We love you for reading!

Hidden Gems Literary Emporium


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