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"Light at the River's Edge" by K.L. Kemp

“Light at the River’s Edge” by K.L. Kemp is a heartfelt read with a main character you immediately love and care for. The author’s choice to bring such important topics as suicide and trauma amongst youth to the forefront speaks volumes. Chapter one of this book is a complete page turner. Kemp comes right out of the gate, pulling you in, making you feel completely invested into the wellbeing of the main character, Katie.

The character development of Katie makes the reader think of youth they may know in their own lives, who are experiencing the real life issues that Katie struggles to overcome, such as the deaths of loved ones, feelings of loneliness, familial secrets, and the like. Kirk gives the reader a personal look into the mind of a young person living through these struggles, while constantly battling thoughts of taking their own life.

Pleasantries in the book lie amongst Kemp’s illustrative descriptions of the landscapes Katie indulges in through her travels to her new life. Like many city dwellers, the lack of natural landscapes was foreign to Katie. Kemp’s artistic language brings you into a world that you may have never seen before, enticing you to visit it yourself.

Kemp’s charisma shines through as you meet the various characters throughout the book. His characters are relatable, personable, and reminiscent of loved ones readers may know and care for themselves.

We had the opportunity to interview Kemp and dive deeper into his inspirations behind writing this book, his motivations to put such an important topic in the forefront, and his upbringings that brought him to where he is today.

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