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Why Should You Be Grateful? Independent Author, Keturah Ford, Explains Why!

NJ author, Keturah Ford, talks about her children's book, Why Should I be Grateful?: A Children's Story of Fatih and Gratitude in a Difficult World, and her journal for moms, Mommyhood Deconstructed

So much has happened in the world, especially in the past 2 years. It can be difficult to talk to children about sickness, injustice, bullying and the like. As author Keturah Ford says, "With a stance of bold faith and intentional gestures of gratitude, children (and adults alike) can embrace a deeper sense of joy despite the problems they face."

Written for children, with adults in mind, Why Should I Be Grateful? is a book of reminders about the good we have to look forward to everyday despite some of the tough situations we may go through.

****Get Your copy of Why Should I Be Grateful? here and a percentage goes towards our non-profit!****

Keturah Ford Gives Back

Keturah Ford graciously donated copies of Why Should I Be Grateful?: A Children's Story of Faith and Gratitude in a Difficult World, and Mommyhood Deconstructed towards our non-profit literary efforts. Several copies were donated to elementary school classrooms in the New Brunswick, NJ area. Copies were also donated to the Roosevelt Elementary School Wash and Read literary program. Several copies of her journal, Mommyhood Deconstructed, were also given away at the Crossroads Theater opening night! All of the readers who received them were SO EXCITED!

Hidden Gems Interviews Keturah Ford

We were honored for the opportunity to sit down with Keturah to learn more about the inspiration behind her authorship, and how her struggles inspired her to publish books for others to learn from and enjoy.

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