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"I Drove a Red Car to a Better Me" by Dean Skewes

This book is definitely a hidden gem! “I Drove a Red Car to a Better Me” by Dean Skewes is one of the greatest memoirs we have ever read. This book is a honest, heart-wrenching story about a man’s journey through survival, to recovery, after a car accident threatened the lives of himself and his family. To top it all off, this life-altering event happened in the midst of Australia’s most severe drought in 100 years.

This work of literary art gives the reader an in-depth look at Dean’s heart, and mind, at one of the most vulnerable times of his life. Ironically, this memoir is not a book of tragedy, but of triumph, as Dean eloquently expresses how this moment changed his life for the better.

Dean beautifully illustrates the events that took place, giving the reader a feeling as if they were there witnessing the events themselves. There were so many times we stopped to reflect, or discuss in complete awe of Dean’s storytelling. THIS BOOK SHOULD BE PRODUCED AS A MOVIE!

We recommend every reader get a copy of this book, and pass it on to their loved ones, as it is sure to leave you hopeful and completely inspired.

We had the opportunity to interview Dean and dive deeper into his amazing life story.


We love you for reading! 💎📚

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