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"How to Find a Good Companion" by Michael Lewis

Being a married man of over 30 years, it is no surprise that Michael Lewis has helpful hints to share about how to find a loving relationship. “How to Find a Good Companion” shares helpful tips about how to get out of your comfort zone, get over a heartbreak, and find the one that is truly meant for you.

Readers may enjoy the real life examples Michael includes in his book. During our interview with him, we discovered the case studies and stories of people’s experiences are in fact real people he has consulted with. These stories are complemented with a hand drawn portrait of each person, adding a personal touch to the book, and perhaps even helping the reader come to a realization of, “If they can do it, so can I!”

The writing style may seem a bit technical at times, not surprisingly though, as Michael has an extensive, and impressive 40+ year career as an engineer and consultant. This fact alone may encourage those with demanding work schedules that it is most certainly possible to find love for life.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Lewis, to learn more about his life experiences and the deeper meanings behind “How to Find a Good Companion”.

Come by Hidden Gems Literary Emporium, or give us a call, to get your copy of “How to Find a Good Companion” by Michael Lewis.

We love you for reading!


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