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"God in Schools" by Dr.Christine Van Horn

In “God in Schools”, Dr.Christine Van Horn articulately illustrates her views on today’s school system, and her thoughts about how Christian values and practices should be placed back into the school system. Largely based in Christian thought, this book will likely resonate with many Christian readers and institutions.

The author also speaks about the importance of character, how the morals and values of people, and society, have changed over time, and how these changes can affect the future generations.

We appreciate the author’s insertion of historical events and case laws, providing the reader with references to do their own research. We encourage readers of “God in Schools” to use these references to do their own historical research, as background history about how Christianity was put initially into the school system is not thoroughly addressed in the book.

The set up of this book is quite creative, mirroring the steps of a fire drill, which illustrates the author’s feelings of urgency about this topic. The format of the text is quite pleasant for the eyes of the reader, as it is broken up into sections, and includes lists of important points throughout, making it a great book to utilize for those who are researching this topic for themselves.

We had the opportunity to interview Dr.Van Horn about the inspiration behind her authorship, and more about her thoughts on this topic. Her interview is published below.

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