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"Become an Enemy of Hell" by John Plumb

“Become an Enemy of Hell” by John Plumb is definitely a page-turner! John’s creativity and imagination shines through in every story, leaving the reader in a constant state of wonder and suspense. Each short story features characters who are completely relatable and personal, though their circumstances are super natural. Readers who enjoy sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, and the like, will definitely enjoy the collection of short stories found within the pages of this book.

Though, as the author states, the goal of this book is to “inform the reader on how to achieve eternal life”, non-Christian readers will find lots of hidden gems and lessons that exemplify how to live with character and how to overcome a troubled past. Values such as honesty, integrity, and truth are shown throughout the character developments of this book, which the author, being the amazing storyteller that he is, beautifully shows in every story.

In our opinion, the summary on the back of the book does not do its contents justice. Readers may be dissuaded from purchasing “Become an Enemy of Hell” due to the brevity of the summary. Additionally, this book does contain many typos. Regretfully, this is the only reason why we cannot give it 5/5 stars.

We had the opportunity to interview John Plumb about his book, his inspiration behind writing it, the meaning of the title, and more!

Please enjoy! We love you for reading!


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