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A Man's Last Wish--To Save His Books

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

This story is AMAZING! We recently got a loving call from a woman who saw us on The Today Show with Hoda and Jenna last year who said her life-long friend, Bob Rywick, passed away and left behind a collection of 2,000 beautifully bound legal books. One of Bob's last wishes was that his books be preserved long after he passed. Charlene called #HiddenGemsLiteraryEmporium and we were honored to be called to help Bob's legacy live on.

We took 2 trips in our book van back and forth to New York to transport Bob's huge collection and they truly are GEMS! We look forward to sharing them with readers everywhere! (If you are interested in building a legal library give us a call!💎📚)

Bob Rywick was a baseball coach, lawyer and friend to many. We hope that the love he spread in his life is spread to every reader who has the opportunity to read one of the books he kept on his shelves!

Situations like this make our work with it!!! And support like yours keeps it going!

We love you for reading!

#HiddenGemsLiteraryEmporium your family-owned, non-profit, community bookstore! 💎📚

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